New Mood on Monday

As with many of my regular series, I’ve let this one slide for a while, Sorry!

Anyway, a couple of friends have mental health struggles, and both seem to have hit a low point at around the same time recently. I always feel a little bit useless when the black dog growls at either of them: I want to let them know I’m here for them if they want to talk, but I also don’t want to encroach within their personal barriers and exacerbate how they’re feeling.

As I’ve mentioned before, although I was never officially diagnosed with any particular condition, I’ve been there myself. No matter who or how many people reached out to me, I couldn’t bring myself to admit I had a problem and accept that hand.

Thankfully, both seem to be coming out the other side of the darkness; whilst one will undoubtedly appreciate this delicious slice of campness more than the other, you can’t deny it’s fantastically upbeat:

Patrick Hernandez – Born To Be Alive

More soon. (Welcome back)