Having confessed my love for Meat Loaf’s Bat Out of Hell album on these pages recently, I may as well complete the set and admit to loving the other album from the 70s which hogged a spot in the charts for yonks.

I’m not a fan of Pink Floyd generally, but I love The Dark Side of the Moon album like no other. As a teenager, it was the first record that I properly listened to via headphones, and truly came to appreciate the work that had gone into it: the sound of the helicopter blades moving from one ear to the other on On The Run, the chiming of the clocks at the start of Time, the ringing of the cash registers as percussion on Money, and most crucially for this post, the words spoken by the doorman of Abbey Road Studios, Gerry O’Driscoll, at the end of the closing song, Eclipse, which almost puncture the pomposity of what has gone before it.

Pink Floyd – Eclipse

If you’ve never listened to this masterpiece, and were, say, laying in a hospital bed with nothing but an iPad and a pair of headphones to keep you occupied, I’d recommend finding this album on your music streaming service of choice and giving it a go. I think you’ll love it and wonder why it’s not been in your life all this time.

More soon.