Sunday Morning Coming Down

Last time I posted something from this album, it got quite a good reaction, so I figured it was about time to give another track an airing.

Michelle Shocked – Secret to a Long Life

The secret to a long life is…well, I won’t spoil it for you, but I think I’m in agreement. Wise words, mate! This is another little cracker from Shocked’s back catalogue which, if you’ve never investigated, I can heartily recommend.

More soon.

Late Night Stargazing

Back when I was a kid, attending the school disco was a big event, although it would always, inevitably, end in disappointment.

For after several hours of bopping around to the latest pop sensations, suddenly things became very serious when things got slowed down for the last couple of records. For this was the moment where you were supposed to ask a girl to dance, but I never did.

No, I was one of those wallflowers, pressed terrified against the wall, unable to pluck up the courage to go and ask someone to dance for fear of rejection; forced to stand and watch as all of my mates grabbed a girl, led them onto the dancefloor and spent the next three and a half minutes trying to thrust their tongue down their throats whilst grinding their groin in a misplaced display of attraction.

At the time, this – purely because of its tempo, I think – was an often played song which graced what we called dismissively/jealously referred to as “The Erection Section”, although listening to it now the lyrics don’t seem to be on an entirely appropriate topic.

But Elkie’s voice…although she doesn’t properly let her vocal chords rip here (check out some of the records she made with Robert Palmer of all people under the moniker Vinegar Joe; she was the UK’s Janice Joplin, except she missed out the bit where she accidentally took too much heroin and was elevated to superstar status), anyone who can make we voluntarily listen to a Chris Rea composition (which this is) more than once must have something about them, which Elkie surely did:

Elkie Brooks – Fool If You Think It’s Over

More soon.