Late Night Stargazing

Lockdown does funny things to you.

Were you to ask pretty much any family member or friend of mine, after you’ve explained who I am and where they know me from, I’m pretty sure that they would confirm Jack Daniels and Coke with a slice of lime to be my drink of choice.

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before on these pages the night when my brother retired from the RAF; we spent the night in the subsidised bar, drinking nothing but the stuff. Two reactions from the night remain in my mind: firstly, one of my brother’s friends offered to buy me a drink and when I told him what I wanted, he muttered “Oh Christ, not you as well. I hope you don’t drink as fast as your brother.” Challenge accepted. Secondly, the next morning, my father commented that I was drinking a double every fifteen minutes or so, and he had seen them change the bottle six or seven times in the space of about four hours.

Anyway, during lockdown my drinking habit has moved temporarily, from Jack Daniels to Jim Beam. I know, sacrilege, right?

But not any Jim Beam though, I hasten to add. Their normal brew still pales in comparison with Uncle Jack. But they do an off-shoot called Red Stag, which is infused with black cherry liqueur. It’s yummy, and comes highly recommended.

So here’s this:

Goldfrapp – Black Cherry

More soon.

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