Sunday Morning Coming Down

It’s Valentine’s Day, apparently.

Not a day which has burdened me with the problems of flowers, presents, restaurants, the purchasing of an M&S Meal for Two, or perfunctory love-making for many a year.

In fact, I’m a bit annoyed that a) it’s on a Sunday, and b) we’re in lockdown so I’m working from home, so I can’t do my usual hilarious joke where I apologise for turning up to work a bit late with the excuse that I couldn’t open my front door for all the Valentine cards piled up behind it.

Anyway, what I am left with is the unenvious duty of choosing a suitably romantic Country record to fill this morning’s slot (and no, I’m not still talking about perfunctory love-making).

I did, briefly, toy with the idea of posting one of those “titles you only find in Country music” tunes, but then I thought of poor old Steve Wright on Radio 2, snowed under on his vomit-inducing Sunday Love Songs show, and thought I’d cut him a break and post an actual love song, even if it is one about lost love, which is probably a subject many more can associate with than the everlasting sort. I mean, we all remember the lost loves, right?:

Enjoy your day.

More soon.

Late Night Stargazing

I’ve posted this song before, of course, but I make no apologies for repeating it here, tonight. Indeed, I will justify it by making the three validatory statements:

  • It still sounds as perfect as it did when I first heard it back in 1989;
  • I managed to pick a copy of the 12″ up today for just 99p + P&P;
  • It pleases me greatly that numerous men of a certain age (and, I dare say, quite a few women too), just at the mere mention of this song, will find themselves going all dewy-eyed and either thinking or saying out loud (depending on whose company they are in, if any) the words: “Ahhh, Harriet…”


More soon.