Late Night Stargazing

Apologies for the lack of posts this last week or so; on top of my usual start-of-the-year lethargy, I’ve been struck down with flu-like symptoms (not COVID) which have knocked me for six. I’ve been off work all week – which considering I’ve been working from home for months now gives you an idea of how rough I felt that I couldn’t even summon up the strength to turn my laptop on – but I seem to be coming out the other side now.

What this week has given me though is the chance to watch/fall asleep in front of loads of television shows and movies. More of these later, if I get round to it.

But last night, as I waited for the excellent documentary about The Nightingales to air on Sky Arts, I caught the last few minutes of one about Marc Bolan and T. Rex, which I’ll have to watch the whole of sometime.

Anyway, this song made an appearance and I’d forgotten just how great it it, so it seemed an easy way to start posting again to feature it:

More soon.

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2 thoughts on “Late Night Stargazing”

  1. Hope you’re feeling a bit better now? Weird having a week off work sick, yet it being not much different from life as normal, bar the opening of the laptop, and aches and pains. You’ll have forgotten where your workplace is if you ever get to go back in! What a year.

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