R.I.P. Rick

Long time readers will know that Christmas Eve is the day I usually mark the passing of Status Quo’s Rick Parfitt by posting the only Quo Christmas record.

But since I’m ignoring Christmas this year, 2020 is a little different. There will be no Christmas records here.

Instead, long-time reader of this, and since he stopped blogging himself, everyone else’s music blog, George, got in touch with me recently to tell me that a Quo record I posted in a recent edition of The Chain was now his second favourite Quo tune.

Prior to that, he didn’t have a second favourite Quo tune. High praise indeed. I mean, my work here truly is done.

If memory serves me correctly from previous conversations with George, this is (the album version) of his favourite, written by Parfitt under…um….let’s say difficult circumstances (read: spoonful of amphetamine put in his tea as “a joke”, consumed).

I’m not going to condone drug use, obviously, but if that’s how they arrived at this belter, then perhaps they should have tried it more often.

Double/Triple denim ahoy!

Merry Christmas George (and to all of you that are actually having one).

More soon.

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12 thoughts on “R.I.P. Rick”

  1. Merry Xmas to you Jez. Excellent choice, I’m not a Quo man by any stretch of the imagination..Live & Blue For You were the only two albums I ever heard.
    Funnily enough I do recall my mate buying this album from Woolies’..it was the 70’s..stop sniggering and he insisted that the assistant play the Mystery Song before buying..we both thoroughly enjoyed our little listening experience.
    Hope 2021 brings us all some f***ing respite from all the shit that happening…I’m setting my sights low…obviously world peace is never going to happen.

  2. I know you’re keeping it low key this year but Merry Christmas from me too. Hope you manage to conjure up something festive down there in That London. Take care.

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