Tuesday Short Song

My friend Mark is a massive fan of Guided by Voices, a band I’ve never really got to grips with.

I think perhaps it’s the daunting amount of material there is to get acquainted with, for GBV are prolific if nothing else, having released 30 studio albums, 2 live albums, 12 compilation albums, 7 video albums, and 6 box sets since their debut back in 1987, and that’s before we’ve even got on to how many singles and EPs they’ve released in that time. They make The Fall seem like The Stone Roses.

Whenever the time to write this series rolls around, I always imagine Mark shouting at me into the void because once again, I’ve overlooked GBV, who do have a habit for knocking out some super short songs.

Well, howl no longer Mark, here you go. This is lifted from their 1995 album Alien Lanes:

More soon.

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