A couple of weeks ago, I went in to way too much detail about the pictures I have on my walls and, having ordered some more, I threatened promised to return to the subject.

In an age where more of us are working from home, and having to engage in webcam-based conference calls, the need for an impressive background has become more important.

When Lockdown #1 happened, the done thing was to position yourself and your camera in front of a bank of bookshelves, so that people could see just how well-read you are.

But with the event of Lockdown 2 (This time it’s personal), we’ve all had to up our game. Some have gone the other way, either blurring out what exists behind them or, more often, employing one of those false backgrounds. A word to the not-so-wise: we know it’s a false background. Whenever you move, it takes a few seconds for the background to catch up. The mere fact that you have elected to disguise your home environment means that every one else on that conference call is now judging you and pondering: just how bad is where they live that they want to pretend it’s somewhere else?

No: I prefer to fill the walls up with various pop culture references and let whoever is watching draw their own conclusions.

Which leads me to the first of the latest two additions, a framed print of this album cover:

This was the title track to the follow up to Back in Black, probably the biggest selling heavy metal album in history.

Personally, I think of AC/DC as a rock band rather than a heavy metal band, but perhaps I’m being pedantic. And listening back to Back in Black now, I’m struck by just how misogynistic it is, qualities (for want of a better word) which whilst not wholly escaping, For Those… goes some way to eschewing.

If you’ve just listened to it, you’ll hopefully have noticed that For Those… is theatrical, bordering on camp; at the very least, it’s arch and knowing: “Aren’t we hard with our cannons, shall we set them off?” it screams, as lead singer Brian Johnson calls for each cannon to “Shoot!”, like a Viagra pill made flesh.

No? Just me then.

More soon.