(Not a) Rant

This week, our glorious leader Boris, who has previously stated that he will “follow the science”, ignored the science which had recommended a “circuit-breaker” two to three week total lockdown, and instead announced his all-new, world beating, oven ready 3 Tier System to beat the Corona virus.

Of course, by now when he uses phrases like “world beating” and “oven ready” it usually means the opposite, and so not very close scrutiny reveals that the 3 Tier System is, of course, exactly the same as the regional restrictions which have been in place for certain areas for a while now – and which haven’t worked – but with a different name.

See. Told you. Not a rant. Less is more, and all that. Not even a vaguely topical song to go with it.

I think we all need some Smokey Robinson & The Miracles in our lives right now: Smokey, because, to paraphrase ABC, when he sings we forget everything; and The Miracles, because…well…need I go on…?

Shush. It was either that or The Tracks (and Trace) of My Tears.

More soon.