I’ve been hearing this a lot in the mornings, mostly because it’s on heavy rotation on Radio 2.

No, I haven’t forsaken my love affair with 6Music, but they don’t have Popmaster, the finest pop quiz on the airwaves, and until they do I will be switching channels every weekday morning at 10:30 and trying to score more than whichever two contestants have called in that day.

Consequently, I’ve heard this song far more than I would have done elsewhere. It heralds the return of Travis, not a band I’ve ever been particularly fond of. I mean, they make inoffensive, largely acoustic records which are…well, alright, nothing more, nothing less. The kindest thing I can say about them is that they neither make me lunge at the radio to turn them up or off.

But this. This is…just like every other Travis record, if I’m honest.

Except! Except it also features the dulcet tones of one Susanna Hoffs, which just about lifts it out of mundane strummery.

*Sighs* Oh, Susanna.

More soon.

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10 thoughts on “New”

  1. I had the sudden urge to play ‘All I Wanna Do Is Rock’ a few weeks ago – and what a great racket it still is. I wish they’d pursued that direction a bit more over the years.

  2. Yes, heard this on the radio earlier in the week, thought we knew who it was, then had it confirmed. Never hear the Travis boys mentioned around the various blogs – Did they sell out?

    As for Ms Hoffs, I always wanted to look like her but as I said the other day, I got the Wendy Craig gene.

    1. Not sure you could accuse them of selling out, that generally implies having a bit more artistic credibility than they had. I think a lot of people just found them a bit samey and dull.

      1. That’s probably it then. There was an ad for one of their albums just before Christmas one year, and it seemed to pop up every ad break. They obviously appealed to the kind of people who watched mainstream telly.

  3. Susanna Hoffs….what can you say. If anyone fancy’s it seek out her version of Yes’s ‘I’ve Seen All Good People’…really…it’s fantastic and it’s Susanna Hoffs nuff said.
    Don’t need to say anything about Travis…you’ve already nailed it.

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