New Mood on Monday

A couple of weeks ago, on returning from some time off work, Lauren Laverne tweeted out asking for suggestions for tunes to include in the Cloudbusting segment of her BBC 6Music breakfast show.

For those of you who don’t listen to her broadcast, the purpose of Cloudbusting is to blow away all the negative feelings which may be amassing on the weekly return to work. Which seems familiar…

As she has been doing this since before she switched to the Breakfast from her Mid-Morning slot, which I was at work for and so rarely heard, the fact that she does much the same as I do here should be considered entirely serendipitous: for once I haven’t stolen an idea from 6Music, although I can’t say hand on heart that I started first.

Anyway, I tweeted Lauren to suggest a tune; she ‘liked’ the tweet, so I thought I would be writing to say how I had gotten a record played on the UK’s greatest digital radio station.

But listening in that day, sadly my suggestion didn’t make the cut. So here it is instead, because even though you don’t realise it, what you really need to kick your week off is over six and a half minutes of a Dutch prog-rock band rocking out and yodelling at you:

Relax ladies, they’re married.

More soon.