Tuesday Short Song

It may seem like a bit of an admin grind, but I’m actually quite enjoying re-importing stuff into my iTunes library.

Not only am I getting the chance to delete songs that I have multiple copies of and free up valuable memory space, but I’m also taking the time to listen to complete albums again.

With the advent of t’internet, this is a habit I’ve gotten out of: just sitting and listening to an album in its entirety, as it was meant to be heard. I’m not even sure that’s how albums are made any more, we’re all so programmed to dip in and out of things now, I do sometimes wonder if the concept of an album – by which I don’t mean a concept album – truly exists in the way it used to.

And then a tree falls in forest somewhere, and nobody’s there to hear if it actually makes a noise or not, and my brain explodes.

Anyway, one of the albums I’ve very much enjoyed revisiting is Belle & Sebastian’s glorious Brit-snaffling The Boy With the Arab Strap, an album I’ve not listened to properly for a good ten years or so, which is less than many.

And I’d forgotten that tucked away just before the swansong is this little beauty:

More soon.