A Surprise Delivery

I was interrupted the other day by a loud knock at the door.

Venturing downstairs, I was confronted by a chap thrusting a cardboard box at me.

“Amazon delivery for you,” he said.

I hadn’t ordered anything from Amazon.

“I haven’t ordered anything from Amazon,” I said.

He showed me the name and address on the label. It was definitely my name and address.

Confused, I took the parcel, thanked him and went inside, where I opened it and found a blue bag with a label on it. “Happy birthday, Bruv”, it said.

It isn’t my birthday until Saturday, so, had I been expecting the parcel, I would have left it until then to open. But it was a bit late for me to stop now.

Inside the bag, I found these:

I am, therefore, now the proud owner of a pair of Joy Division Oven Gloves!

No prizes for guessing what today’s song is:

Cheers, Bruv. I love them.

More soon.