New Mood on Monday

Morning all.

With a second wave upon us and a second lockdown almost inevitable, a mission statement: this week I’m going to bring you some absolute bangers to keep the spirits up. (I just haven’t worked out what they’ll all be yet…)

Starting here, not your typical, upbeat Monday morning tune, but an 80s “alternative” classic, smothered in dramatic vistas and catchy as hell and, just…erm…wonderful:

More soon.

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2 thoughts on “New Mood on Monday”

  1. Indeed, a great tune (though I always preferred Understanding Jane, McNabb’s masterpiece IMO). Newport goes into lockdown tomorrow morning at 6am. It means my daughter cannot visit and we can’t visit her. However we can all meet up in the pub and mingle with complete strangers, the likes of which I do my best to avoid at the best of times. As long as we’re all out by 11pm, we’ll be fine!

    I mean, give me friggin’ strength…

    1. Nothing like clear, non-conflicting instructions, eh? The answer is to live in a pub, obviously! (I suspect the rest of us will be joining you all in lockdown by the end of the week…)

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