Tuesday Short Song

A cheat by me today, as I simply repeat an old post from three years ago. But you get two songs for the price of…erm..none so shush with your moaning.

NB: the original post included all three songs from the 12″ in question, but as the third crosses the two-minute cut-off mark by a staggering seven seconds, I’m afraid I can’t allow it. I mean, I could, but that would involve me breaking the rules albeit in a very specific and limited way, and there’s no way anyone would think that’s ok, right?

*Checks this morning’s papers”


We’ll save that for another day, I think.

Anyway, here’s what I wrote back in 2017:

“Here, from May 1986, is… a three track 12″ that both my brother and I both bought copies of. On the same day.

In a loft conversion in our parents house was a communal room (it was meant for my brother and I and our friends had a room to hang out in without getting in our parents’ way), in which was housed a TV, a sofa, a couple of guitars and a stereo.

The stereo was my brother’s, one of those affairs that are designed to look like a piece of furniture, housed in a wooden frame with a tinted glass door over the tape decks, volume control and record rack, with another tinted glass lid covering the turntable.

As I always did upon purchasing a new record, I bolted up the stairs two or three at a time, bounded into the room, only to find my brother already in there, listening to exactly the same record as I’d just bought, which confused me somewhat since my copy was still in the bag I was carrying.

This one, probably one of the shortest three track 12″ singles ever released, with a total running time of under six minutes, each track a perfect example of short but sweet Buzzcocks-inspired indie greatness”:

The Soup Dragons – Whole Wide World

The Soup Dragons – I Know Everything

More soon. Maybe even something original.

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2 thoughts on “Tuesday Short Song”

  1. Don’t remember buyin this on the same day, but then why would I, you’re the remembering things one? Which means I also can’t remember if I told you about the time I was on stage with them?
    It was at a gig on a Friday night at a student place in North London, probably in 86? The stage was really low, only about two feet high, and in those days I was a lot lighter, so when the wrecking got really enthusiastic I ended up getting pushed on stage. Bass player stopped and helped me up: bloody nice chap. Bought him a pint afterwards

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