Some great family news today.

Cliff Richard – Daddy’s Home

I can’t pretend that either my Dad or I or particular fans of Sir Cliff, but the song title fits, and that’s all that it takes to get a mention round these parts.

Although, to be fair, in that picture Cliff is rocking the very same faux-leather gilet and chunky Sony Walkman look generally favoured by my Pops.*

Thank goodness he’s had his trusty personal cassette player and a whole stack of Cs, through from 60 to 120, to get him through the past few weeks.**

Can whoever had five weeks and two days in the sweepstake please call the Winner’s Hotline – 018118055 – to collect their prize?***

More soon.

* This is not true

** This isn’t true, either

*** Or this. Please don’t call that number.

He is home though, and we’re all delighted and more than a little relieved.

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