Just Off For a Drive…

I don’t need to explain why I’m posting this, do I? It’s probably best I don’t, as I don’t think you really just want to read a long list of expletives.

Perhaps if we tweaked the song a little, then I wouldn’t need to explain. How about these suggestions:

– Change the part of the title in brackets to Dom’s Tune

– Change the lyrics from “30 miles or more” to “276 miles or more”

– Add an extra verse to mention Durham and that he drove there without stopping but can’t remember how many times he stopped on the return journey

– And maybe add one more verse to explain he is a man who reacts to his instincts, and that, even though everyone else says that he did, he definitely didn’t break the law

– Then perhaps have Boris – like when the small kid sticks his head out from behind school bully to viciously snarl “Yeh!” at a victim – could pop on some backing vocals to explain that Dom is blameless, that one has to react to your instincts, even if that involves breaking the law, which he definitely hadn’t done, and even though even The Daily Mail is refusing to support him on this, we should all continue to the follow the rules in exactly the same way that he had – sorry! – hadn’t – sorry! had

Maybe then you’d know exactly to which Governmental outrage I was referring. Like you didn’t already.

It’s Immaterial – Driving Away From Home (Jim’s Tune)

I don’t think this story is going away anytime soon. There is a growing discontent at the Government’s handling of the pandemic crisis handling in general, and of Cummings – and the unwavering, if misplaced, support he continues to receive from Johnson – specifically. And that interview with Cummings is not going to be the end to it that they hope it will be, given that it was straight out of Prince Andrew’s book of succesful interview techniques “Don’t Worry, I’ve Got This!”

For a more detailed, sensible, review of matters before tonight’s broadcast, I would recommend you read the thread by writer and commentator on law and policy David Allen Green, which you can access here:

Apparently, there is to be a written statement released after the Cummings interview, and we can expect David to forensically every word. Watch that space.

More soon.

I’m Not Too Keen on Mondays

Bank Holiday Mondays, on the other hand, I’m a big fan of.

Except in the current climate, it doesn’t really feel like a national holiday, does it?

So today’s tune is simply a reminder that it is. No need to drag your fat arse out of bed and over to the coffee table to log onto your work laptop today.

Roll over and go back to sleep.

That’s what me and my fat arse will be doing.

Blur – Bank Holiday

More soon.