Sunday Morning Coming Down

There are a few bands who take popular pop or rock songs and cover them in a country or bluegrass manner, Hayseed Dixie being the most famous. As one might expect with such projects, they often have very mixed results.

Here’s one by The Twang, lifted from AC/DC’s legendary Back in Black album. As I say, ordinarily I approach such things with great caution, but this is not bad at all:

The Twang – You Shook Me All Night Long

More soon.

Late Night Stargazing

If you’re struggling with the whole ‘lockdown’, then a tip for you: rather than having the mindset that you have been ordered to stay at home, try to convince yourself that it was entirely your idea in the first place.

To assist, here’s 70s dreamboat David Soul, although I suspect he has more than binge-watching the latest Scandi-noir drama on Netflix on his smutty mind:

David Soul – Let’s Have A Quiet Night In

There’s something rather puzzling about the dots after the the title of the B-Side of that, isn’t there? Is it supposed to be an open-ended statement for us to complete? (“Mary’s Fancy…” what? David? Pants?) Or perhaps it’s two drag queens chatting as Mary, of whom they do not approve, totters past.

Yeh, you’re right: I need to get out more. I’m trying not think about it. Have you not been paying attention?

More soon.