Pun Fun

I do love a clever lyric.

And one which involves a clever play on words or a pun inevitably has me applauding with admiration.

This is definitely not a new series, but this, which contains an absolute belter, came up on my shuffle the other day, and frankly I needed an excuse to post it, so here we are.

And yes, I know the phrase I’m referring to is a play on words rather than a pun, but I needed a snappy title. Deal with it.

I’m more of a fan of Lily Allen as a person than I am as a musician, as it goes, but that belies the fact that she has come up with some absolutely great pop tunes, particularly on her first two albums, Alright, Still and It’s Not Me, It’s You.

This was the lead single from her second album, It’s Not Me… and it’s really rather fine, dealing as it does with her sudden promotion into the spotlight and all the problems that brings with it, the reputation she had, deserved or not.

Oh by the way, that Parental Advisory label you can see on the cover is there for a reason; if you’re unlucky enough to be self-isolating and have kids to consider, then maybe wait until they’re out of earshot before playing this (I wish the label warned of “Effing and Jeffing” but sadly I don’t make the rules):

Lily Allen – The Fear

More soon.