Texas Drums

Since my posting of Sports Team’s ruddy marvellous Here’s The Thing got a pretty good reaction last week (and deservedly so, if you haven’t given it a whirl yet, go do it now), here’s some more new stuff for you to dig your teeth into this morning. Or afternoon. Or evening. Or whenever you read this. But put some trousers on, man, show a little respect.

This reminds me of Talking Heads meeting mid-period Supergrass and collaborating on a tune whilst quaffing Doom Bar:

Pottery (no, it’s not a good name, is it? Unless they’re from Stoke, of course, and even then…) have an album Welcome to Bobby’s Motel which at the moment is due out on June 26th.

You never know, we might even be allowed out to buy it by then.

More soon.