Cancelled #3

2016: I’m going to kill off all of your heroes.

2020: Hold my beer.

Amongst all of the great institutions which have been postponed – Glastonbury, Euro 2020 – for the year at least, lies one other: the greatest night to be on Twitter – Eurovision.

Not too much of a hardship, you might say, and ordinarily you’d be right.

But far above the UK getting as close to nil points as possible because everybody hates us, there would have been this song, which not only should have been crowned winner, but also would have fallen into that rare category: a Eurovision song that’s actually quite good.

In fact, more than quite good, some might say (okay, me, I might say that, in fact I am saying that or there’d be no point to this post).

All hail the great uncrowned champions of Eurovision 2020: Finland and, specifically, Daði Freyr:

Daði Freyr – Think About Things

I’m right, right?

More soon.

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8 thoughts on “Cancelled #3”

  1. Ah that was great and one I don’t remember. I am one of the few around here (the only one probably) who has actually been to a live concert and if was fantastic. I will miss this year’s extravaganza of fluff and nonsense.

    1. I’m not surprised you don’t remember it, it would have been their entry this year! I have amended the post to make this a bit (not much, just a bit) clearer.

      1. Ah missed that vital point. You can depend on the Finnish to come up with something unusual – They gave us Lordi after all with their Hard Rock Hallelujah.

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