Here’s The Thing

You know my schtick by now: write about something, post a tune which sort of links to the topic in question, or have a few long running series where I post old tunes which I think are ace.

But every now and then, I do feature new music, but I have a rule which is not to post a downloadable version of the song in question, for this is a young band who needs you to go out (OK, you can’t actually go out at the moment, but you know what I mean) and spend some bucks on their latest record.

This is getting a lot of play on 6Music at the moment, and rightly so, because it’s ace.

To these ears, a gleeful mix of Sleaford Mods, Art Brut and Young Knives, this is Sports Team:

Slap me about the head with a wet fish and call me Susan, that is chuffing brilliant.

The release of their debut album – Deep Down Happy – has been put back to 19th June; but Here’s The Thing is available for download now, from the usual places.

More soon.