Sunday Morning Coming Down

More Norah Jones-based shenanigans for you this morning.

I’ve posted something by The Little Willies before, back here.

The Little Willies are another Country supergroup fronted by Norah, this time ably assisted by Richard Julien, Jim Campilongo, Lee Alexander and Dan Reiser, although calling it a supergroup is streching it a bit, given that all of the above only seem to be ‘famous’ for playing with Jones.

Anyway, I’m as surprised as you that I haven’t made a joke about their name, but here’s a song the original of which (by Kris Kristofferson, of course) kicked off the mix I prepared for the last night that Hel and I lived together. It was a night which ended with me drunk and falling asleep next to the toilet, which did not earn me any best-flatmate-ever-brownie points:

The Little Willies – For The Good Times

More soon.

Late Night Stargazing

The sleepy North London town in which I work has a market square.

A few days ago, I wandered past it on my lunchbreak, ignoring the stalls selling oddly-knitted hats, or offering to unlock your phone, or offering some apples for a knock-down price; but one of them was playing some music, and tonight’s song was playing, and consequently it’s been in my brain evers since.

So I’ll pass it on to you:

Fat Larry’s Band – Zoom

I don’t care. I like it.

More soon.