Sunday Morning Coming Down

Yes, this is where I usually post a Country tune.

No, I’m not posting any today.

Yes, I expect there to be some complaints.

No, I don’t give a monkeys.

For today, March 1st, is St David’s day.

St David is the patron saint of Wales, and since I lived in that beautiful country for so long – I’ve been in London for over ten years now, but I still think of Cardiff as home – I couldn’t let the day pass without posting something appropriate.

What I wanted to do today, was post something Welsh, but still country.

You’ll be surprised to learn, it turns out that the seam that is Welsh country records is not a particularly rich one to mine.

So instead, since I doubt she’ll play any of her own records on BBC’s 6Music today, here’s a couple of tracks from Cerys Mattews’ really quite lovely Tir album, the second of which long-time readers may remember holds a special place in my heart:

Cerys Matthews – Ar Lan Y Môr

Cerys Matthews – Cwm Rhondda

Hapus Dydd Gŵyl Dewi.

Which is Welsh for “More soon”. Honest.

Late Night Stargazing

We’re not yet at 2016 proportions – maybe the coronavirus will push numbers up a bit – but I was sad to read of another musician passing away earlier this week.

The focus on Mazzy Star is often lead singer Hope Sandoval, and her gorgeous, laconic drawl, rather than the rest of the band.

But David Roback, co-founder of the band who passed away on Tuesday, wrote and produced most of their most beautifully bewitching songs.

Celebrity tributes were lead by ex-Bangle Susannah Hoffs, who used to be in a band with Roback, Unconscious, before either of them had a sniff of success. (Imagine knowing Hoffs and Sandoval? Jeez, I think I’d just melt). Anyway, Hoffs posted that Roback would be “eternally missed”, which, whilst I’m sure is entirely sincere, has the teensiest whiff of a comment she had lined up ready to go for a while.

Steve Wynn of The Dream Syndicate, J Mascis of Dinosuar Jr, and Andy Bell of Erasure Ride and Oasis joined in, with Alexis Krauss of Sleigh Bellsadding: “I don’t know what I would do without Fade Into You.”

Me neither, Alexis. Me neither.

Mazzy Star – Fade Into You

And as a special treat, a song from an album of absolute pop bangers, this one relying heavily on Fade Into You, from title to musical track to the occasional Sandoval vocal snippet:

Richard X – Into U (feat. Jarvis Cocker & Hope Sandoval

And then there’s this, which…well, for legal reasons, lets just say it really reminds me of Fade Into You:

Taylor Swift – Lover

More soon.