Tuesday Short Song

I’ve mentioned before somewhere that I think Lawrence – he of Felt, Denim, and most recently, Go-Kart Mozart…er… ‘fame’ doesn’t quite seem to be the right word, but we’ll go with it – is one of the most over-looked British songwriters of the last 40 years.

I first stumbled across him in the 1980s, during his Felt years, via a Creation Compilation album called Purveyors of Taste; a few years later, there were Felt again popping up on the seminal Doing It For The Kids compilation album.

The problem was – and I suspect this may be one of the reasons Lawrence isn’t better known than he is – Felt’s records seemed almost impossible to track down, to me anyway. The only place I ever seemed to encounter them was on one of these Creation label compilation records.

Then one day I happened to be in Haverfordwest, west Wales, and found myself in a shop selling musical instruments. On the counter, though, a small selection of second-hand CDs, and there amongst them was another compilation album on the Creation label, but this time featuring nothing but Felt, entitled Bubblegum Perfume, which pretty much sums up their sound.

I snaffled it up, of course.

This brief bit of brilliance is the opening track:

Felt – I Will Die With My Head In Flames

Superb. That is all.

More soon.