Never Buy The Sun

Not content with merely propping up the most dangerously stupid Government in history, and having already hounded one woman out of the country this year, we learn today that a female celebrity has committed suicide following constant targeting from the red tops.

Billy knows what and what not to do:

Billy Bragg – Never Buy The Sun

More soon.

Sunday Morning Coming Down

Often Country records are – wrongly, negatively, in my opinion – associated with sadness, failed relationships, mournful drinking, death, murder and acts of vengeance.

Don’t get me wrong, there is quite a lot of that kind of stuff within the genre, but the more upbeat toe-tappers often get over-looked.

So I was delighted to get me a copy of Strut My Stuff: Obscure Country & Hillbilly Boppers, a compilation record stuffed with…well, if you can’t work it out from that title, I think you may have some issues.

Here’s one of the tracks from said album; it also fits pretty well with my ongoing quest to feature Country songs with brilliant titles:

Chuck Ray – I May Not Be Able But I’m Willin’ to Try

Needless to say, we’ll be returning to this album sooner rather than later.

More soon.