Tuesday Short Song

Yes, I forgot to post one of these last week. Sorry. I would hope interim posts might explain the reason.

In 1992, the Lemonheads released the title track from their forever wonderful It’s A Shame About Ray album as a single. It peaked at a less than impressive, and certainly undeserved, number 31 in the UK. Don’t blame me, I bought it.

One of the additional tracks on the CD single was this glorious bit of one-sided, enigmatic storytelling:

Lemonheads – Shaky Ground

Later on the same year, the Lemonheads released a single not lifted from their It’s a Shame About Ray album, although subsequent versions would include it as a bonus track.

It was a cover version of a song which main Lemonhead Evan Dando promptly announced that he hated and had only recorded it at the record label’s request.

The song in question is Simon & Garfunkel’s Mrs Robinson, and Dando was doubtless annoyed that it went on to become their biggest hit in the UK.

That was until a year later they released a proper studio version of a song which first appeared as an extra track on the CD single of Mrs R, which just managed to nix it.

Thankfully, it wasn’t the only song which appeared on the CD single in question, nor was it the only one which clocked in under the 2:00 minute mark and therefore earns a mention here:

Lemonheads – Being Around

Lemonheads – Divan

Lemonheads – Into Your Arms

More soon.