I’m Not Too Keen On Mondays

I’ll keep it brief, for a change.

The other morning, I went into work early. It was still dark as I got on the bus, and as it rolled into town, this came on my iPod, and it jolted me from my state of not-quite-awake-yet-and-I’ve-just-read-The-Metro-which-has-really-depressed-me stumble, into a confident, striding, smiling behemoth.

Hopefully it will work for you too. Listen to it really, really loud. Turn it up to 11.

Or just laugh at the title being slang for a big poo, if you prefer,

Supergrass – Richard III

PS – welcome back, Supergrass. You’ve been missed.

More soon.

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5 thoughts on “I’m Not Too Keen On Mondays”

  1. There was a rather excellent local (North Devon) band called Naked i I used to follow back in the day. I even roadied and did their lights on occasion. They had this exhilerating alternative punk sound. They got a couple write-ups in NME and I believe one of their singles got played on Radio 1. I thought they were going to be huge. Then Supergrass released Richers III and when I heard that intro, I thought – “my god, they’ve only gone and ripped off Naked i. The bastards.”

    Shortly after it charted, the side project two of the Naked i members had – a covers band called Desperate Men – played Richard III at one of their shows. I’m not sure how many people got the joke, but it wasn’t lost on me.

  2. That introduction will jolt anyone – you feel there should be a warning message before it.

    Another Richard III reference – the 2 Ronnies rhyming slang sermon
    “And he picked up the small brown Richard III and placed it on a wall”

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