Sunday Morning Coming Down

On February 17th, 1969, Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan booked themselves into the CBS Studios in Nashville, Tennessee and recorded a session which didn’t see the light of day until many years later.

Referred to as The Nashville Sessions, the duo recorded versions of each others songs, along with a few country standards, and the occasional cover version, none of which, as far as I can ascertain, have ever got an official release.

Here’s the two of them covering some cheeky young upstart called Elvis Presley’s debut single, itself a cover version but let’s not get into that just now:

Johnny Cash & Bob Dylan – That’s Alright, Mama

And I’m posting this today because today is my Mum’s birthday.

Happy Birthday Mum: love you loads, even if it does seem like I’m still in this mode sometimes (and I definitely got caught out like this at least once back in my *ahem* wild teenage years):

And no, me writing this is not her birthday present.

More soon.

Late Night Stargazing

Prompted by a tweet from Swiss Adam (auteur of all things Bagging Area-esque) on Friday, this, which is just gorgeous.

Follow Stipe’s lead vocal if you like – and why would you not want to, for it croaks and soars in equal measure – but the key to how beautifully brilliant this record is, I think, Berry and Mills’ sturdy, faithful backing vocals, which weave and wrap around Stipe’s lead like nothing I’ve heard before or since:

R.E.M. – [Untitled Hidden Track]

More soon.