Just Use One Finger

I don’t know what it is – the sheer simplicity of it, or the audacity to be able to carry it off – but whilst I of course admire those who are proficient at their instrument of choice, so too do I love a tune where the performer obstinantly sticks to playing just one note, or as close to it as is possible.

Give me Pete Shelley shouting “Tricky guitar solo!” as he launches into the three note epic that is the guitar break in What Do I Get? over the tedious teeth-grinding fret-wank of, say, Yngwie Malmsteen (his name was lodged in my noggin for some reason; I had to look him up, so its fine for you to do the same, but I think my description of his talents is pretty accurate so you don’t really need to) any day of the week.

A case in point: I bloody love this, partly because it’s a much over-looked, cracking bit of indie pop, but mostly because whoever it is that’s playing the keyboard refuses to involve anything other than the most basic number of keys:

The Soup Dragons – Head Gone Astray

More soon.

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6 thoughts on “Just Use One Finger”

  1. I feel a bit sorry for Yngwie Malmsteen. I mean, how many people are going into a record shop and asking: “Have you got the new Yngwie Malmsteen album?”

      1. You’ll think I’m making this up but honestly I’m not – the first time I ever heard of Yngwie Malmsteen was when I was working in a record shop (mid-1980s) and someone came in and asked if we had his new album… ‘Tis absolutely true!

  2. Here in North America, Sire released a great collection of their early work called Hang-Ten! that had this song on it. You would love every note. Soup Dragons from this time period is in my wheelhouse too.

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