Sunday Morning Coming Down

I was quite saddened to read yesterday that Sheryl Crow has announced that her current album, Threads, will be her last.

If they weren’t already converts, anyone who managed to catch her recent Glastonbury performance can only have been persuaded of Crow’s pedigree.

Personally, I’ve been a fan ever since I first heard today’s tune, another delve into my days as serial cassingle purchaser. It’s a joyous devil-may-care tale of daytime barfly drinking, with pithy observations on life, men, and the life in men:

More soon.

Late Night Stargazing

Yes, I have been a bit quiet so far this weekend, haven’t I?

I’ll explain; until very recently, I had used free anti-virus software on my trusty laptop, but had noticed it was running decidedly slowly.

I would download the software on a month’s free trial, let that month run out then move onto the next one. You know, because I’m tight.

Whenever I ran a scan using whichever program I had on my laptop at the time, it would tell me it had identified some issues, but to resolve them would involve me stumping up and paying a subscription fee.

Sod that.

Eventually, a couple of weeks ago, I gave in, and purchased and downloaded one which had been recommended to me. I ran some scans and it definitely did the trick: my CD burner suddenly started working for this first time in many months, for a start.

And it’s a good job it had, because when I logged on last weekend, ready to type my usual slew of awesome weekend posts, I found that it had run a routine scan. Good stuff, I thought, this is the kind of thing I expect once I pay for something.

Moreover, it had decided to free up some space on my hard drive by removing any files which had not been used in X amount of time.

It would be at this point, had this been a conversation between me and my laptop (and I should stress that I do not talk to my laptop anymore than I talk to say, my fridge, or my microwave – and besides, who wants a talking laptop? It’s got far more on me than I have on it, the little rat) then it would be right here that a concerned look would cross my face and I’d say: “Rrrrrrrrright…so what have you done, exactly…..?”

And what it had done exactly was to wipe any mp3 which hadn’t been played recently on iTunes.

The problem is that I rarely use my iTunes, other than as a way of getting mp3s from my laptop onto my iPod, so there’s an awful lot of stuff which hasn’t been played on there recently.

I’ve lost a lot. I mean A LOT. My iTunes has 27,394 mp3s on it, and I reckon I’ve probably lost about 60% of those.

Plus, and some of you who I had contacted for assistance with tracking down suggestions will know this, I had been planning on (admittedly, for some time now) bringing back The Chain (I’d even started working on the next edition; no honestly, I had – look there it is in my Drafts folder!). But alas, all of the nominated songs which I had sourced or had kindly donated have also now gone.

So much of today has been spent trying to assess what has been lost and then setting about trying to source new copies of them.

That and reviewing the settings on my anti-virus software so that I don’t have to go through the whole sodding process again next time it runs a scan.

Anyway, this is one of the songs which, thankfully, survived. A cover version, yes, some might even say it’s a cover version of a cover version.

But this is my favourite version from one of my favourite albums; I could listen to Natalie Merchant singing binary code rather than words and I’d still be indecently aroused by her voice:

10,000 Maniacs – Because The Night (Live)

More soon (hopefully).