Be Llyrious

Regular readers will recall that shortly after my best friend Llyr passed away earlier this year, I wrote a somewhat emotive post about him where I said this:

“See that “There’s No Such Thing As A Guilty Pleasure” tagline? It simply wouldn’t be there were it not for Llŷr.”

That’s still true, but I wanted to illustrate that point.

Shortly after he passed an old friend of ours, Claire, posted on Twitter that today’s song would always remind her of Llŷr.

I’m not going to hijack a prefectly good hashtag now, but Me Too.

For when Llŷr told me he liked this song, I felt an enormous sense of relief. At last, I can admit – without shame – to liking all of those songs that everyone else thinks are shit, but which I think are brilliant.

About a year or so ago, I bought the album on which this is the title song at a charity shop for £1.00. I immediately sent Llŷr a text to let him know of my purchase. I needed confirmation that my meagre sum of money had been well spent. I can’t find the text exchange now (it’s on an old inactive phone), but he happily confirmed the songs brilliance.

The other weekend, I listened to the whole album. It was, predictably, rubbish.

Or was it?

I so wanted to text Llyr to ask him if there was anything else on the album that he liked.

But I can’t. And that sucks.

And, although I have thought about him every day since he passed, for the first time in a good while, I cried. I cried because the realisation that we would never get to share those stupid moments again sank in just that little bit further.

Brace yourselves. Here’s the song in question:

Cliff Richard – Wired For Sound

More soon.


Regular, long time readers will recall that when I first started writing these posts in memory of Llyr, they would be appended by a request to sponsor his younger sister Sian, who was running The London Marathon to raise funds for The Brain Tumour Charity.

I know that I posted something to confirm she had done it, but I’ve not really mentioned it since – an absolute, unforgiveable oversight on my part – so I figured I should rectify that right away.

So for a start, and in no small part because of the amazing generosity of some of you lovely people, Sian raised just over £18,000. So, a very big thank you to any of you who were kind enough to contribute – and I know that very many of you did – for that is so far and beyond her initial target as to make me blink and rub my eyes.

Thank you thank you thank you. I, we, love all of you for helping.

And it would also be remiss of me not to mention her time: a frankly quite incredible 5 hours 13 minutes. I can’t even get out of bed that fast, so I’m genuinely blown away by what Sian did.

Also: Sian is officially faster than Eastenders star Natalie Cassidy, who doens’t have her own show about to have its second series. If you saw the utterly brilliant Hidden on BBC4 last year (or, if you’re way cooler than me and caught it on S4C), this will be good news to you.

If you missed it, I’d imagine the first series will get an airing on the iPlayer nearer the time. Miss it, miss out.

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3 thoughts on “Be Llyrious”

  1. Wired for Sound is a cracker. The music video is also well worth mentioning. A bemulleted Cliff wearing a state of the art Walkman on roller skates gliding through a shopping mall. What’s not to like?

  2. Thumbs up from me too and a little history lesson/reminder on how we used to listen to music.

    Well done to Sian indeed – Just shows what you can achieve when you are doing something to help others/in memory of another.

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