How To Do A Cover Version

Is it strictly speaking a cover version if you co-wrote it?

Ah, what the heck.

Last weekend I got a text from Hel at a most unseemly time of day:

It may have taken me nigh on twelve hours to reply (I WAS ASLEEP) in my usual candid manner, but she was bang on, as she often is.

Here you go:

Johnny Marr – Bigmouth Strikes Again (Glastonbury 2019)

More soon.

Sunday Morning Coming Down

I’ve posted this one before, a long time ago, but there was a documentary on BBC4 on Friday night which reminded me how great and ground-breaking Charley Pride was back in his pomp.

This is perhaps his most famous song, and it’s a master-class of Country music misery and defiance, telling as it does the story of a guy losing a girl to what she thinks is a better life:

Charley Pride – Crystal Chandeliers

More soon.