Apropos of Nothing

On his BBC 6Music breakfast show, Shaun Keaveny used to have a spot called Earworms. He may well still do it since he moved to an afternoon slot, I have no idea since I’m at work then and don’t have chance to listen to it.

The basic idea was this: listeners would get in touch to suggest a record which had inexpicably become lodged into their brains.

It always struck me as being a bit of a falsehood, and that people would use it as an excuse to request a song they liked, wanted to hear, and to claim responsibility for its broadcast.

Maybe I’m just bitter, as he never played any of my suggestions.

I mention this because for the last couple of days, I’ve had this ace bit of power-pop banging around in my hippocampus. I know not why. Maybe I’m psychically connecting with somebody.

Jellyfish – The King is Half-Undressed

More soon.

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11 thoughts on “Apropos of Nothing”

  1. Jez, absolutely banging tune…first heard this way back on the ooooh Gary Davies show…probably after a skiing report…what a twat he was.

  2. Perhaps it’s because of the fairly repetitive nature of the job I do, but when an earworm strikes, I very often have it for an entire 8 hour shift. That’s ok for a while, but eventually I get to a point where I want to bang my head against a wall to remove it, even if it’s a tune I love. This is the first job I’ve had for 40 years where there is no music of any kind playing in the background, so my internal jukebox is left to do the heavy lifting and sometimes it’s clearly not up to the task.

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