50 Ways To Prove I’m Rubbish #9

Back in the early 2000s, Hel sent me an email me with a pop quiz on it she had been given.

It was one of those which were quite popular at the time, before Google was quite so dominant, where you’re given a load of pop lyrics and you had to name the songs they were from.

I mention the dominance of Google, because nowadays you’d simply copy and paste the lyric into Google and find the answer in no time.

But here were 100 of the irritating little sods, most of which Hel had got, but some she found just as head-scratchingly baffling as I was about to when I first opened the email.

I knew that she must be stuck, for there’s no way she would have asked for help in completing her quest if she didn’t need it.

I think I managed to work out another two or three, I certainly didn’t help her finish off, but there’s one which always sticks with me.

Because it really irritated me. I know that lyric, goddam it. I. Know. It.

This one:

“First they take your pride

Turn it all inside

And then you realise you’ve got nothing left to lose.”

And then, it finally hit me, and I was really annoyed that it had taken me so long, and that I didn’t own a copy of it. I rectified that shortly afterwards.

Anyway, it’s this song, and it’s brilliant (but you already knew that, right?):

Wah! – The Story Of The Blues

More soon.