This Is The Day

Saturday June 1st 2019.

The day I never thought I’d see.

For this evening, my beloved Tottenham Hotspur are in the Champions League Final.

There’ll be several songs posted over the weekend, none of them actually about football (probably), which are intended to sum up my feelings. Tomorrow’s will either be really happy or really quite depressing.

But to…erm…kick things off, this:

The The – This is the Day

More soon.

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6 thoughts on “This Is The Day”

  1. I’m really p***ed off about the meeja’s constant references to tonight’s match (and the Chelsea/Arsenal) one as being a great night for English football. Neither of the managers are English 3 of the 4 clubs are owned by foreigners and only a handful of players are English.
    Good luck to your team, but I’ll be supporting Liverpool cos they have the wunnerful ex-Celtic player VVD and Scotsman Andy Robertson. I realise Spurs also have an ex Celtic player in the shape of Victor Wanyama but he rarely gets a game these days.
    Anyway, let’s hope there’s no red cards, no major injuries and that Divin’ Dele Alli doesn’t fall over too much when someone farts in his direction. Cheers!

  2. Yes, it’s been a football fiesta of late with all these teams we know so well in the finals. Wishing your team good luck for tonight (I have no particular affinity to either so will support them on your behalf). Women’s World Cup just round the corner too and Scotland actually in that tournament so first time we’ve had our home side in any big footballing tournament for a while.

  3. Well I haven’t a clue about any of this football malarkey, it’s an alien thing to me, but I believe it involves men in shorts being paid a lot of money to kick around a bag of air on a great big lawn 🙂 But happy to wish you good luck. And good choice of song!

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