Milkshake #2

I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect there would be a #2 to this.

On May 4th, I posted this, not exactly a defence of the current vogue of throwing milk-based beverages at racists, but certainly an acknowledgement of the comedy value of such an action.

At the time, it attracted a few comments from the old faithful, and then suddenly, on Thursday, I received a comment from henacynflin which made me stop and think.

I imagine that many of you don’t check back on comments on old posts, so I thought I’d share this. I wouldn’t do this normally, but I think henacynflin makes a valid point which needs considering. I reproduce his/her Comments not to score points, but to show that we accepted each others positions, agreed to disagree, and left it at that.

Here’s what henacynflin said:

Milkshake 1

Before we go any further, let me stress, again, that I wish no ill will or malice upon henacynflin, for I think he/she makes a really valid point. Look, I’ve even linked to his/her own blog, because I’m good like that. You can go and have a look at his/her own posts and make your own minds up. Be nice, even if you disagree.

And at least he/she (it’s getting tiresome already, isn’t it?) wasn’t using the “today milkshakes, tomorrow guns” argument we’ve all seen bandied about in the last few days. Because as soon as that argument raises its head, you just have to say the words “Jo Cox” and the ridiculousness and hypocrisy of that particular argument is exposed.

But henacynflin does have a point. Funny as we may find the whole milk-shaking experience, could it be driving away those we thought as allies?

Now, I’ll be honest: when I first saw this Comment, I was blissfully unaware of breaking news. And I wondered how it was that “Tommy” “Robinson” could be described as an ‘elderly ex-soldier’. My inital reaction was to say that anyone who considered “Tommy” “Robinson” to be nothing more than an ex-soldier really hadn’t been paying attention to current affairs or his actual persona.

And then I caught up, and realised that we weren’t actually talking about “Robinson” at all, but rather an elderly ex-forces chap who claimed that, whilst sat outside a polling station on Thursday, peacefully campaigning for The Brexit Party, a ‘Remoaner’ threw a milkshake at him, just like they’d done to racist “Robinson” before him:

tommy-robinson-milkshake (2)

And to UKIP candidate Carl Benjamin who sent a tweet to Labour MP Jess Phillips saying that he “…wouldn’t even rape you”, and then, more recently decided to clarify this with the words: “With enough pressure, I might cave.”


Benjamin later tried to justify his comments by saying it was all an hilarious joke:

Jesus wept.

Congratulations to those who still vote UKIP, that’s your on-brand guy.

And, back to the milkshakes, to our Nigel:

After this, and following his comments that if Brexit didn’t happen he would “don khaki” and “pick up a rifle” – again, let’s not forget that after the referendum he said the vote had been won “without a shot having been fired”, ignoring that fact that Jo Cox had quite literally been shot dead in the name of Brexit – Farage refused to get off his Brexit bus for fear of people “armed with milkshakes”.

World War 2 rhetoric is a common theme amongst Brexiteers. Thank goodness, then, that we didn’t have to rely on the likes of Farage back then, for if Fritz knew that all it would take was a wafting of a frothing milk beverage in the general direction of his cheap Fosters suit to make Farage capitulate and hide, we’d all be speaking German now. Just like Farage’s children and ex-wife (and former employee), coincidentally.

As an aside, I particularly enjoyed Farage visiting Merthyr Tydfil last week, and telling anyone who cared to listen to him how the evil EU takes more than it gives, but omitting to mention that the very road he (probably) drove along to get to Merthyr – the A465, map fans – had been built with EU money.

But, all that said, it’s important to recognise that not everyone who voted to leave in the referendum, or who voted UKIP or for The Brexit Party on Thursday is an idiot, or ill-informed, or a racist, or a mysoginist, or old.

Of course they’re not. And even if they are, being ill-informed, stupid or old is not a crime.

They’re not all egocentric, money-grabbing buffoons like Farage, or homophobic like Brexit Party candidate Ann Widdicombe (amongst many other things I could say about her), or like Brexit Party candidate Claire Fox, who thinks that we all have the right to watch graphic images of child pornography and that the IRA was a really good thing.

No, of course they’re not.

But many of them can get past these points – and trust me, I could pick out many more Brexit Party candidates who have some unsavoury views in their past, and for all we know, their present – with the help of jingoistic Nigel, who can do no wrong, as far as they’re concerned. He’s the man of the people. He likes a pint and a fag. “He’s one of us!” they cry.

Oh. And not only does he consider the EU to be the enemy, he also thinks (amongst other things) that the NHS is a bad thing, and wants you to take out health insurance rather than on top of your National Insurance contributions, and your taxes, as you do now.

Regular readers will know I am particulaly indebted to the NHS. Without them, I may well be dead now. Without them, my best friend Llŷr may well have not lasted for the many happy years that he did.

You’ll be aware, of course, that Farage is alleged to have accepted large amounts of money from Aaron Banks, donations which, along with many others, are being scrutinised by the EU Electoral Commision, so it’s probably best I say no more on the point.

Except, to plead their innocence. For, were the NHS to crumble and UK folk be forced to take out US-style health insurance policies, what possible gain could there be for insurance company magnate Aaron Banks? None, as far as I can see……


Curiousity aroused by henacynflin’s reference to an “elderly ex-soldier”, I did a bit of scouting around before I replied. After I’d done so, this was my response:


reply 1 (2)

And here’s the rub of it. You’ll be aware by now of the case we’re talking about. An ex-serviceman of distinguished years claimed that, whilst campaigning for The Brexit Party outside a polling station on Thursday, just like “Tommy” and Carl and Nigel before him, he’d had a milkshake thrown at him.

You’ll note an air of sceptisism from my reply. Something didn’t quite ring true about this so-called event, and I don’t mean the fact that Piers Morgan tweeted about it.

You see, the very premise of “milk-shaking” is to make the victim look foolish in front of a) a large group of his supporters, or b) everyone else in the world via it being filmed, or c) both. Every example of a racist having a milk-shake tossed at them has been captured on a camera phone by someone. But, oddly, not this one.

And then, later, I noticed that in every picture, the so-called victim was smiling.

veteran (2)

Much as I detest “Robinson”, Farage and Benjamin, at least they had the good grace to look pissed off about having been splatted. But not our veteran victim, who seemed positively delighted at having been doused in what later transpired to be…a Tesco black cherry yoghurt.

At this point, I would love to link to a post by @harveyschmacker on Twitter, where he examines the evidence and comes to the conclusion that this was not a Remoaner milk-shaking, but rather an attempt by the right to induce outrage and sympathy, generate more votes, at the feet of this ‘abused’ veteran, by smearing a black cherry yoghurt on him and asking us to believe a false narrative.

I’d love to, but, I imagine prompted by many people trying to ask his permission to reproduce his grassy knoll type findings, his account is locked to all but the approved followers, of which I am not.

Luckily, someone with much more clout than I got there first.

I hate to use the term Fake News – words used by Trump and the American right to decry anything uncomplimentary about them – because I’d like to think we’re better than that over on this side of the pond, and can see through this sort of bullshit. But it seems it’s already got here. That thing that we laugh about gullible Americans falling for is here, and this is just the exposed tip of the KKK iceberg.

I dread the EU election results on Sunday, for I know that even though those that support him are categorically not necessarily all idiots, or ill-informed, or racist, or mysoginistic, or old, and despite the inescapable lie Farage told as he rallied for your votes, so that he coud be democratically elected back in to the “undemocratic” (his words) EU, the Brexit Party will probably win a lot of seats.

Not that, if Farage’s attendance record is anything to go by – he came out of “semi-retirement” as an MEP to campaign, let’s not forget, an elected position for which he does not receive a semi-salary  – they’ll ever be actually sat in.

And here’s the scary thing: The Brexit Party has no manifesto. And therefore, in power, they have no accountability. They can just do and say what they like, and you can’t complain because you knew that and you voted for him/them anyway.

Jesus, I need a tune.


Goldfrapp – Black Cherry

More soon.


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8 thoughts on “Milkshake #2”

  1. An excellent rant there Jez
    It was good that we actually got to vote (those of us who bothered)
    It will piss off the Brexiteers but not Farage and his ilk who will fill their boots.
    Still Bozo will take us out in October Deal or No Deal (Christ we might be better of with Noel Edmonds)
    Hopefully those words will come back to haunt him if,God forbid, he gets annointed

    1. We can take hope with the fact that the early Tory leadership favourite rarely wins. Not that any of the others lining up behind him are much better….

  2. The old man covered in yogurt claiming to have been milkshaked is a real sign of the times story, later photos show him posing with 2 men from the ‘Airbourne Brotherhood’ (whoever they are), guarding him from further spillages. Meanwhile, thousands of pounds have bene raised to pay for his clothes to be cleaned. Somewhere it said he was ex- special forces, serving in NI. It’s all bizarre.

    May’s resignation was inevitable but we’ll end up with worse whichever Tory gets the crown. Johnson or whoever. No deal more likely than ever I would say- the Tories are terrified of Farage’s Brexit party hoovering up their votes and will fall in line behind a ‘clean break’ Brexit being offered to them by Johnson (No Deal in other words).

    Farage, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, is a cunt.

  3. The upside to all the political chaos is that we get some great blog posts from you. Thanks for this latest instalment although things have now moved on as predicted.

    1. Thanks Aly (I think…!). Doubtless I’ll write another one soon which will be overtaken in real life within 48 hours …

  4. Brexit is a black hole of despair. It will suck in and destroy everyone who gets too near, just ask Cameron and May. I predict they will not be the only Tory PMs lost to Brexit which is why I hope Boris gets the job.

    Additionally 17 odd (?) million people have been promised a brand new shiny top of the range (insert preferred Brexit first prize here)…. And they are going to want to collect on that. Someone is going to have some explaining to do.

    Great blog. Thanks.

    1. Thank you. And then I see Trump over here, telling us that any trade deal has to involve selling off the NHS to US insurance companies, and I just despair.

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