50 Ways to Prove I’m Rubbish #4

You’ll probably have noticed by now, there’s an era that most of the songs in this series are from: the early to mid 1980s. And there’s a reason for that.

See, in my book, there is never a more exciting time in your life than when you start exploring and discovering music for yourself. In my early teens, I discovered many a band that I connected with, that gave me that rush of recognition, that I’d found something special, a record I loved and was truly mine.

Certainly, it’s not a feeling I’ve experienced for a good thirty years or so, but that’s not to say I’ve remained stuck in the past and haven’t heard any good new bands in all that time, just that it doesn’t effect me in the same way any more. I simply can’t imagine myself becoming as obsessed with a new band I’ve heard now as I did back then.

If I had to pick my Top Ten Favourite Albums…Ever! then I can guarantee that every one of them would be one which I first heard or owned between the ages of 13 and 25.

So part of the reason I’m writing this series is to ask myself: “What If…?” Would my musical taste be any different now if I’d bought differently way back when?

When I finally bought this record, some five years or so after it came out, I bought the album it’s on: High Land, Hard Rain.

In fact, I actually bought their second album, Knife, first, and even that didn’t put me off (it’s not great).

But High Land... is an album that will constantly live in my Top Ten Favoutite Albums ever, there’s not a duff tune on there. But that’s also because I discovered it when I was a teenager, when such things mattered way more to me than they do now.

Of course, this is the most well-known song on it, and rightly so, it’s an absolute peach:


Aztec Camera – Oblivious

More soon.

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One thought on “50 Ways to Prove I’m Rubbish #4”

  1. Ditto your opening line, except for me it would read: the early to mid 1970s, when I was in my teens. I have the decades listed as categories on my sidebar and the ’70s has the most posts in it, followed by the ’60s then the ’80s – Would make an interesting bell-shaped graph that would reflect when music was most special in my life. A long time ago now and you are right, lots of great stuff since but nothing that can have that same effect on you as it did all those years ago when you had no responsibilities at all. Sigh…

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