50 Ways to Prove I’m Rubbish #3

Just as I didn’t get The Jam until it was too late, so I didn’t have any time for Weller’s next project, The Style Council.

I was too young to fully appreciate the politics the songs contained and the music…well, to these ears it just seemed like all of the other bland, coffee-table soul tunes (see also: Sade) that were around in the early-to-mid 1980s.

In fact, I probably didn’t really appreciate the utter-stomping brilliance of this record until it cropped up in this (far too brief) scene in BBC’s 2007 political drama Party Animals, starring a pre-Dr Who Matt Smith:

Here you go:

Walls Come Tumbling Down Front

The Style Council – Walls Come Tumbling Down

Welcome to the Weekend.

More soon.



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4 thoughts on “50 Ways to Prove I’m Rubbish #3”

  1. “it just seemed like all of the other bland, coffee-table soul tunes”
    it still does, 35 years later. Doesn’t matter how clever the lyrics are, if the music is no good it’s not a good song-
    I have a question: Did you pull a sickie on thursday?

  2. Style Council was slim pickings for me too. The first couple of singles were (almost) The Jam revisited (indeed, Solid Bond In Your Heart was mooted as the final Jam single).
    But the politics, posturing and jazz affectations didn’t do it for me.
    That song though is a belter

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