50 Ways to Prove I’m Rubbish #2

So here’s another confession, and it’s a biggy: at the time, I didn’t appreciate The Jam.

Of course, looking back in my wise old sagedom, I can see just how incredible they were.

Much of their output, he says in his defence, came out before I started buying records.

But this one didn’t, and it’s a song that I absolutely adore:


The Jam – The Bitterest Pill (I Ever Had to Swallow)

Some Bitterest Pill-related facts:

1 – it was kept off number one by Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger (which I bought – sorry!) and Musical Youth’s Pass the Dutchie (which I didn’t – not sorry!)

2 – I’d always assumed the backing vocals were by Dee C Lee, but apparently it’s Jennie Mathias of The Belle Stars fame.

You remember The Belle Stars, right? No? Worry not, something by them will be along in a post or two.

That’s all the Bitterest Pill-related facts I have, and I nicked those off Wikipedia so who knows whether they’re true or not.

More soon.