I’d kind of decided to try and stay away from posting anything vaguely political for a while.

But sometimes things happen which simply can’t be ignored.

Like teeny tiny racist “Tommy” “Robinson” venturing up North to try and stir up some hatred, but instead getting doused with milkshakes two days running.

tommy-robinson-milkshake (2)

I’ve seen some commentators decrying this act as unacceptable, that the perpetrators shouldn’t resort to violence. It’s an argument that I understand, and would probably agree with ordinarily. It makes them no better than him, the argument goes.


Except it’s really funny.

And if you seek out the footage – it’s not hard to find – it’s “Robinson” and his considerably taller cronies that then pile in, fists flailing, when surely the logical response would be retaliate with a bottle of unchilled Yop.

He’s like the pint-sized one in a gang at school, who stands behind the bigger boys, peering round every now and then to shout “Yeh! Go on ‘it ‘im Dave!”

“Robinson”says he needs his henchmen “for protection”. Here’s an idea: perhaps if you stopped being such a racist fuckwit, you wouldn’t need protection.

Just sayin’.

No prizes for guessing this morning’s topical song. It’s by an extremely talented, powerful and goregous black woman, hope that doesn’t offend ol’ “Tommy”.


Kelis – Milkshake

Welcome to the Weekend.

More soon.


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9 thoughts on “Milkshake”

    1. Did you see Swiss Adam’s This Machine Kills Fascists on a Maccy D’s milkshake pic on Twitter? Almost nicked it for this.

  1. I fear that you are missing the main effect of these stunts. While it may give you a giggle, the growing thuggery in our politics is pushing more and me people away from the left. They see the elderly ex – soldier being treated to a milkshake this morning and think ‘I want nothing to do wrth people who do that stuff’ They don’t laugh, they probably go and vote Brexit party. This is juvenile, thuggish and counter-productive

    1. Point taken. And as I said, ordinarily I’d agree. And from what I’ve seen, the elderly ex-soldier you mention may not have had a milkshake thrown at him – if he did, it seems to be the first occasion when the alleged incident wasn’t captured on film – but rather had yoghurt smeared on him to try and invoke exactly the reaction you mention.

      1. That may prove to be true, time will tell. However, this is why this kind of strategy is difficult, it allows your opponent to play the victim card

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