Llyr & Jez’s Fatty Gunk Grill

So this is how I spent last night, in honour of Llŷr’s birthday:

I popped on a playlist which combined pretty much all of the songs which remind me of him – that’s everything you’ve heard so far on the Be Llŷrious series, plus all of the songs I sent to Hel as suggestions to play at the reception (note: not a wake) along with all of the stuff I’d given him on the iPod shuffle I presented him with last year.

I opened a bottle of red wine and then, when I was a teensy bit pished, I resolved to clean the one thing which I own that reminds me of Llŷr more than anything else.

No, not the record player. Nor the sofa, nor even the TV remote control.

Oh no. I speak of none other than (drum roll)……………


…………….the George Foreman Grill.

Llŷr’s parents had bought him one for Christmas just after we’d moved out of the flat of filth and into the house of no-housework, and we had bloody loved it.

Suddenly – and no, I’m not getting any sponsorship for writing this – practically every meal had some element of it prepared on George F’s warm ridges. Consequently, each evening meal-time was also accompanied by one of us announcing that “the meat sweats are coming” or that we had to go and put our “meat pants” on.

And as surely as the washing-up piled up in the vague vicinity of the kitchen sink – “Dude, we’ve run out of forks again. And plates. And cups. Is it my turn it to do the washing-up?” – so more and more fatty gunk built up on poor old George F.

And so last night I thought I’d combine two things which reminded me of Llŷr, only one was something he absolutely hated doing. Call it the crappest birthday present ever if you must, but had I done this when we still shared a place he’d have been delighted.

I’ve trawled through my music collection to try and find a song which ticks the boxes in terms of vaguely appropriate tunes to play this morning, but have plumped for this from the Radiator album (see what I did there…? Radiator/Grill? See?), and so with absolutely no apologies at all for featuring them in two consecutive posts, here’s:


Super Furry Animals – Down A Different River

Welcome to the Weekend.

More soon.


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One thought on “Llyr & Jez’s Fatty Gunk Grill”

  1. I had a knock-off one from lidl which I referred to as a George Formby Grill.
    So much good music you missed


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