This Is Pop! #12

The unusual time that the Easter weekend has landed this year means that today is the day that many kids across the UK will have to haul their arses into school after a two week break.

Because of this, I thought I’d try to remind them…erm…what they go to school for.

And because my admittedly-rashly titled series where I try to bust the Monday morning blues doesn’t really translate to something I’m posting on a Tuesday morning.

And because kids need to learn that you can start loads of consecutive sentences with the words “And because” if you want to.

And because I think this is a bloody great pop record.


Busted – What I Go To School For

Nope, you’re right. I have no shame.

More soon.

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4 thoughts on “This Is Pop! #12”

  1. That was a great first album. One of the first in my daughter’s collection, bought when she was really young – We became really fond of it.

    1. Don’t let my mother read this: she’ll be pointing out that if I’d ever had kids I could have legitimately bought even more records….

      1. When I took up blogging a few years ago I decided to alphabetise the CD collection and just incorporated darling daughter’s in with ours. An eclectic mix indeed! As of last year however, we now have nothing left in the house that plays CDs, so that was a right waste of time.

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