Size Isn’t Important

A couple of things I mentioned in my post yesterday (10″ vinyl, and John Peel’s Festive Fifty) sent my teensy brain scrambling off thinking of a much maligned, short-lived and now defunkt format: the 3″ CD single.

They were short-lived because they were an absolute bugger to acually listen to. You had to have a circular plastic surround which clipped onto the CD so that your CD player would recognise it, which kinda negated the need for them to be small.

I owned, appropriately, three of these – the other two will feature soon in this series – which puts me in the rare position of knowing exactly how many posts in the series there will be. Three.

Here’s the first, #1 in the 1989 Festive Fifty (and rightly so) and containing three of the loveliest songs you’ll ever hear:

Can't Be Sure Front

The Sundays – Can’t Be Sure

The Sundays – I Kicked a Boy

The Sundays – Don’t Tell Your Mother

Harriet Wheeler was definitely an Indie poster goddess for many men of my age. In a previous job, I found myself talking on the phone to her partner and Sundays’ guitarist Dave Gavurin. Every ounce of my flabby body wanted to shout “She should be mine!”. I retained some professional decorum, you’ll be pleased/relieved to hear.

More soon.

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4 thoughts on “Size Isn’t Important”

  1. Think I’ve mentioned it before but The Sundays sang a version of Wild Horses for my favourite episode of Buffy – One oc my all-time Top 10.

    Harriet Wheeler – not just for men, bit of a girl crush candidate!

  2. I look forward to discovering what your other two 3″ CD singles are, but I can’t believe for one minute that either will be as utterly sublime as ‘Can’t Be Sure’.

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