Saturday Night Coming Up

Alright, not strictly speaking on a Saturday night, nor were any of the participants involved “coming up”. (Honest.)

I know that I mention her a lot, to the point where she would probably be justified in getting a restraining order, by I’ve spent many, many, oh-so-many great nights out with my buddy and former flatmate Hel.

That said, I have never seen her so happy as she was on Friday 26th November, 2010.

For this was the night that we went to see Primal Scream at Alexandra Palace on the opening night of their Screamadelica anniversary tour .

Specifically, her happiness exploded when they played this super-long, super-wonderful version of Come Together.

Even more specifically, it happened at the moment when it became clear from the ripped off Suspicious Minds guitar riff that they were going to incorporate the Terry Farley – I expect to be corrected on this – (single) version (around 5:45 if you can’t be bothered to listen to it all, though you should).

This is ripped from the official DVD release, so the sound quality is a little fuzzy in places…but still…it’s magnificent:


Primal Scream – Come Together (Live at Alexandra Palace 26.11.2010)

More soon.