Friday Freedom Song

The repeats of Top of the Pops on BBC4 have reached October 1986, and as such are straying into the point when my record buying reached it’s absolute peak.

So, as many episodes are no longer able to be broadcast (as they were hosted by what we now know to be various unsavoury types, or by Mike Smith, who declined to approve any episodes he hosted be re-aired), I thought I’d better get in quick with this single, which dates back to February 1987.

This spent twelve weeks on the UK charts, but only managed to reach the giddy heights of #18 in all that time. The band were never heard from again.

Unless you’ve ever lived with me, in which case it will undoubtedly have found it’s way onto a playlist, mix-tape or CD somewhere along the line.

Because I still think this is an absolute belter, which should have been a much bigger hit than it was. Maybe it was the hat that did it for them:


The Rainmakers – Let My People Go-Go

More soon.

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6 thoughts on “Friday Freedom Song”

  1. Very good and somehow I always associate them with the band Cock Robin who did that song The Promise You Made around the same time. They were both on a big European awards show and both American (scarily that must have been 30 odd years ago but remember it well).

  2. Yes – I loved this at the time. So much so that my then girlfriend bought me the album for my 21st (she got me some other stuff as well!). Nothing on it quite matched up to this, but I did feel obliged to play it a lot. We broke up just under a year later. I can’t recall playing it since other than when I converted this song to MP3. Oh, and a track called Long Gone Long apparently, now I’ve just looked.

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