Late Night Stargazing

More repeats, I’m afraid.

I first posted this back in December 2016, a couple of nights after I’d been to see the band in question for the umpteenth time. Back then, I described it as “guaranteed to make me and my lil group of Welsh buddies sing and hug each other whenever we hear it.” And that’s still true.

But tonight, it has a lot more poignancy for me.

See, not only is this an absolute favourite of mine and the newly married pair, but it’s also a favourite of Hel’s brother, and my best friend and former flat-mate, Llyr.

Sadly, Llyr could not be at the wedding today, for Llyr is a very ill man.

It’s not appropriate for me to go into details about somebody else’s health problems here. Regular readers may recall me going off-grid a couple of months ago, and then making a flying trip down to Wales one weekend, not something I’ve been in the habit of doing since I moved to London ten years ago. That was to visit Llyr, and I, along with some friends who I will have been celebrating with earlier tonight (and probably still am as you read this) drove down to Wales and back last Saturday to see him. You can probably fill in the dots as to why I’m – we are – trying to get to see him as often as I we can.

Ill-health prevented Llyr from making the journey from Brecon to London for the wedding, and I know he’ll be devastated not to have been there. It goes without saying that Hel and her family would also dearly have loved to be there too, and I…well…I’d have given anything to have the man I’ve often referred to as “the little brother I never had” in attendance.

When it became clear that Llyr was not going to be able to be there on her big day, some previously allocated roles had to be reassigned. I was extremely flattered and honoured when Hel asked me if I would be one of the witnesses to the signing of the register instead of him. I was surprised when she asked me, as she seemed to think I might say no.

Anyway, I doubt that Llyr will be able to read this, but I know that some of his friends and family will. And I want them all to know how much I wish Llyr could have been there yesterday, and that I love them all.

I’m going to stop now, before I start blubbing.


Super Furry Animals – Hometown Unicorn

More soon.

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4 thoughts on “Late Night Stargazing”

  1. Poignant indeed. So sorry to now hear of the reason for your recent trips back to Wales, but important to have made them. As with Hel, I feel as if we know Llyr too, as you have written about him often. Thinking of you all.

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