Sunday Morning Coming Down

It must be difficult being the younger sibling of a Country music star, especially when you want to carve yourself your own career in the same arena, and even more so when your older sister is an absolute icon like, say, Dolly Parton.

Step forward little sister Stella:


Stella Parton – Danger of a Stranger

I’m sure Stella will be mightily relieved to hear that, despite her vocal sounding not dissimilar to her big sister, it’s not her that song reminds me of: no, it’s the late, great Terry Wogan who used to play that a lot on his Breakfast Show when I was a kid.

More soon.

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One thought on “Sunday Morning Coming Down”

  1. Wasn’t really aware of Stella Parton but gosh, you are right, “not dissimilar” indeed and would go as far to say “very similar” (voice). Nice and gentle start to a Sunday morning.

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