Sunday Morning Coming Down

It must be difficult being the younger sibling of a Country music star, especially when you want to carve yourself your own career in the same arena, and even more so when your older sister is an absolute icon like, say, Dolly Parton.

Step forward little sister Stella:


Stella Parton – Danger of a Stranger

I’m sure Stella will be mightily relieved to hear that, despite her vocal sounding not dissimilar to her big sister, it’s not her that song reminds me of: no, it’s the late, great Terry Wogan who used to play that a lot on his Breakfast Show when I was a kid.

More soon.

Late Night Stargazing

I’m continuing to greatly enjoy the reruns of Top of the Pops on BBC4, and recently tonight’s song cropped up, one which I loved at the time, and which I bought on the album True Blue at the time, and have recently rebought on vinyl.

It still sounds great, if very 1986, today I reckon.


Madonna – Live To Tell

More soon.